Your Customers Care About Details

Trust a local company in Challis, ID that is certified for organic food packaging

When you're in the organic food packaging business, it pays to have integrity. Residents of Challis, ID rely on Garden Creek Farms Co-Pack to give them accurately labeled products, and we take our job seriously. If you're interested in natural, gluten free or organic food packaging-or any other food certifications-we'll navigate the process for you.

You care about your customers, and we care about them, too. That's why honesty is a driving force behind the work we do. Call today to learn more about the food certification process.

Prove your food products are a step above the rest

Prove your food products are a step above the rest

Accurate food packaging helps consumers in the Challis, ID area make informed decisions about the products they buy. That's why Garden Creek Farms Co-Pack offers:

  • Organic certification
  • Non-GMO certification
  • Costco approved supplierĀ 
  • Whole Foods approved supplier
  • Gluten-free certification
  • FDA-compliant services

You know your product is great, but do you have the certifications to prove it? Contact us today to start the certification process.